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Dealing with Council

02nd Oct 2019

The Australian building industry is highly regulated. When beginning a new build or extension you must comply with legislation from all levels of government. These regulations are normally implemented by your local council. Over the years we have developed a good working relationship with the Inverell Shire Council, but it still requires expertise to navigate these requirements.

The Development Application

This is a formal request for your development sent to the Local Government Area. A DA is made up of forms and documents like site plans and application forms. It demonstrates how the plans meet local, state and federal building requirements.

Here are some of the things you will need for your DA.

  1. Application Forms
  2. Owners Consent Form
  3. A Statement of Environment Effects
  4. Site Survey and Analysis
  5. Floor Plans
  6. Elevations and Sections
  7. BASIX Certificate
  8. Electricity Act Declaration Form
  9. Additional Documentation
    1. Do you require a bushfire consultant?
    2. Flood certificate?
    3. Heritage conservation area?
    4. Environmentally sensitive land?
    5. Sewer connected?
    6. Significant trees?

Construction Certificate

This comes after your DA and needs to be approved by council or a private certifier before construction can begin.

Construction Inspections

The Principal Certifying Authority will conduct inspections at various points in the build and ultimately ensures that the building is safe and fit to occupy.

Occupation Certificate

This authorises the occupation of your new home.

Here to Help

For a new build we take care of all this for you. We are experienced with the Inverell region and the Inverell Council and can help your development navigate these requirements.

We are here to help, we look after our clients from start to finish. Talk to us today about your objectives and we can talk through options for you.

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